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We Take All Process Seriously To Deliver Perfect Solutions For Our Clients

PT. IIN ERA SEJAHTERA can provide you with innovative manpower Indonesia solutions which are agile nough to fulfill your rapidly changing needs. We provide any kind of solutions, no matter in what form – long-term contracts or permanent placement-we provide you with a better access to talent, a better approach to match the right individual to the job and better business result.

H. Imam Zuhdi

Managing Director

Our Vision & Mission


Being private company as supplier and manpower recruitment company, developing professional advance and qualified human resources in Indonesia.


Recruitting and developing manpower to be professional and competence on their expertise. Supplying and occupying the qualified, responsible and expert manpower at any regional and international companies. Giving best services in manpower supplying to satisfy the client and business partner. Supporting economic improvement and making field of endeavor.


We Work As An Extension Of Your Hiring Process Providing All The Benefits Of An Executive Search Company, Including:

We have experienced recruiters, very vast candidates database from different industries and specializations, recruitment system application, extensive networking and retrieval systems used with the proven methods of direct candidate sourcing and aggressive ethical “headhunting”, so it is very possible for us to find the right candidates.

Our clients would only need fill Candidate Order Form and send it to us via Fax or Email. After the order has been approved by Client, we will process it immediately and assist employer during the selection, interview, negotiation and hiring processes. Our clients do not lose valuable time for screening unsuitable resumes and interviewing inappropriate candidates. If all goes well, the client will move to the final interview stage. Usually, the client’s time is spent for assessing attributes such as personality and culture fit, and not whether the candidate can do the job.

A company that needs to replace its Senior Staff (Manager, GM, CEO, etc.) many times doesn’t want this information to be known by customers, competitors, suppliers or sometimes even internal employees. Our highly experienced staff understand and are able to execute a search in a confidential manner.

We can find short list of the highly qualified candidates in a short time, usually not later than 5 (five) working days after approval of the Candidate Order Form

No administration fee, and there is no charge if client do not hire our candidate. The fee is only due if the client hires our candidate.

In the event of termination or resignation of employee within 3 (three) months from the joining date, we will replace the candidate free of charge or we would refund the recruitment fee up to 100%.

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